Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services


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Bluegrass therapists work directly with the deaf and hard of hearing population using American Sign Language. Therapists provide counseling for mental health issues like depression, stress, trauma, substance use. Our therapists ensure clients have the ability to communicate and receive information easily and effectively to meet their behavioral health care needs. The goal is to always have a therapist who can sign. If a therapist cannot sign, an interpreter will be hired. Therapists understand what it means to be deaf and understand how hard it is to communicate when many people around do not sign.

Case Management
Case management is provided for the deaf and hard of hearing community by a signing case manager with a knowledge of the culture and linguistics of the deaf and hard of hearing population and in an affirmative approach to deafness.

How Therapy Works
Therapists will get to know clients by asking questions. The client and therapist will work together. The goal is help individuals and families to be healthier, happier and to live their best life.  Individuals or families meet with a therapist in an office located close to your home. Services are confidential and cannot be shared with anyone without the client’s permission.

How to Get Started
At Bluegrass, we make it easy for you to get started. All clients need to do is make a call or send an email. Contact Laura Burg, LCSW Clinical Specialist for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, with questions and to set up an appointment call 859.333.7663 (Voice or Text) or email

What Does It Cost?
Bluegrass accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance companies. We send a bill for therapy services. Clients are responsible for any co-pays and deductibles.

Bluegrass offers training geared to individuals working with the deaf and hard of hearing in a variety of settings. Training can be provided on the unique and culturally diverse issues and needs related to the deaf and hard of hearing. This may include; Deaf and hard of hearing family dynamics, Impact of interpreters on treatment outcomes, Difficulties of diagnosing deaf clients, and other topics. Trainings can be on an individual or group basis.  To inquire about training email

Philosophy of Care
Bluegrass provides services to help children, adults and families achieve emotional, mental and physical well-being. We believe each person deserves supportive, respectful care. We tailor services to meet individual needs and achieve recovery. Bluegrass believes all individuals have the ability to improve and change their lives and treatment plans should be client driven. Our team consists of caring and highly skilled individuals who are trained in evidence-based practices and make our clients their number one priority.