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Stress Management: Keys to Manage, Prevent and Relieve Stress

One of the most common mental health issues in America today is stress. We all feel it from time to time. Whether it’s caused by deadlines and demands at work or a busy home life, stress can have profound effects on how we interact with our colleagues, co-workers and loved ones.

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Juuling is a Growing Threat to Teen Health

Don’t know what “juuling” is? There’s a good chance the teenagers in your life do! Almost 20 percent of middle and high school students have seen other students juuling in school – sometimes in the restroom – sometimes right in the classroom.

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Opioid Crisis in Kentucky: Help for Individuals and Families

There’s not a single person in the Commonwealth who has not been touched, in some way, by the spreading opioid epidemic. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, co-workers, friends, neighbors and the list goes on.

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Happy Couple

Four Keys to a Healthy Relationship

February may be the month of love, but beyond the flowers and chocolate, finding a love that will endure the ups and downs of life is the goal. The foundation for lifelong, healthy relationship is built on four things; trust, communication, equality and boundaries.


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Recognizing and Getting Help for Depression in Men

Everyone feels sad from time to time. It’s a natural reaction to situations that are emotionally trying or upsetting. But sadness, like all other emotions, is temporary. Even when we are sad, we are able to laugh, work and find joy. Sadness goes away over time.

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Addiction Treatment for Women

Let Go of Fear. Make a Change. Enter Recovery.

If you, or someone you love, suffers from addiction, reaching out for help is not always easy. But when you’re ready to reach out, Bluegrass Recovery Services for Women is here.

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Recognizing a Mental Health Crisis

All too often, when bad things occur, we spend hours or days looking back on the situation and wondering what we could have done, what we should have done, to have prevented the situation. Often, we ascribe to ourselves more power than we actually have. Sometimes bad things happen.

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Think Mental Health Doesn't Affect You?

Think again. The National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) reports that nearly one in five adult Americans, or about 44 million people, experiences mental illness in any given year. For children, ages 8 -15, an estimated 13 percent experience a severe mental health disorder.

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Recognizing and Preventing Suicide What You Need to Know

Every one of us has a role to play in preventing suicide. Whether it’s befriending someone who seems depressed, recognizing the warning signs in a family member, or advocating for suicide prevention programs and hotlines, each of us has a responsibility to our fellow man.

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Is Your Child Meeting Developmental Milestones?

Every child grows and develops at his or her own pace. How your child plays, learns, speaks, acts and moves offers important clues about development. Comparing your child’s activities to those commonly seen in children the same age can help determine whether a child may need additional help.

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Ways to Manage Social Media-Induced Vacation Envy

That social media is one of the most powerful and widespread forms of communication today is without doubt. We use it for everything – from finding out about our favorite brand of shoes, to catching up with a former colleague, to searching for jobs.

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In Honor of Father's Day - Tips for Dads!

Fatherhood has changed across the U.S. Today’s dads are more involved in their families and in their children’s lives than ever before.

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Pregnancy and Addiction Network Featured During All Things Considered

The Bluegrass Pregnancy and Addiction Network was recently featured during All Things Considered. For the past two years, BPAN has been providing a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing substance use during pregnancy and post partum months.

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7 Tips for Busy Moms this Mother's Day

The day to day pressures of a busy family life can consume the mental and physical energy of even the most steadfast mother.

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How to Talk to Someone You Love About Alcohol

Alcoholism isn’t just a disease that affects the individual who drinks. It’s a family disease, affecting the drinker as well as the people around him or her – spouse, children, parents and employers. Social drinking isn’t the issue.

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Peer Support Specialists Help Addiction Recovery

New trends are emerging in the treatment of addiction. Peer support is the next step in treating addiction. Bluegrass is one of the few organizations in the Commonwealth offering the state curriculum to train this new position in addiction treatment.

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pregnancy and addiction

Pregnancy & Addiction Network Can Help You

Since the late 1980s, policymakers have debated the question of how society should deal with the problem of women’s substance use during pregnancy. Prosecutors in many states have attempted to rely on a host of criminal laws already on the books to attack prenatal substance use.

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Is it time to change your relationship with food?

Food is the fuel that supports every activity of our lives: physical growth, brain development, exercise, creativity, problem-solving, social interaction, work … none of it is possible without food.

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opioid crisis, opioid treatment, opioid treatment kentucky

Learn How You Can Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Learn how you can make a major contribution toward reducing the toll of the opioid crisis in Kentucky.

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opioid addiction treatment

Helping Family and Friends Cope with Addiction

Over the years, our understanding of substance addiction has changed. Once thought to be caused by a lack of willpower or low morality, we now know addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.

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This Year, Plan to Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Were you one of the millions of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution this year? Will you be one of the few who actually succeeds in keeping it?

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Take Time to De-Stress Your Holidays

While the holidays are one of the most joyous times of the year, they can also be the most stressful. We look forward to spending time with our families, celebrating and reflecting on the end of another year, but all of the activity and social interactions can lead to an increase in stress.

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teen with counselor

Make Your Teen's Mental Health a Priority

Behavioral health conditions are very common among young people. In fact, somewhere around 20% of all American teenagers are dealing with some type of mental health concern right now.

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The Health Benefits of Gratitude

November is traditionally the time of year we start to think about the good things in our lives and express thanks for them. But if Thanksgiving is the only time you practice gratitude, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

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Bluegrass Staff Member Featured on The Daily NYT Podcast

Listen as Aaron Pope, Bluegrass Peer Support Specialist, shares his powerful story of recovery and hope as Kentucky fights against the opioid epidemic.

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Helping Children Cope with Images of Disaster, Strife and Death

It seems our modern society is inundated with images of trauma, death and destruction. The images are nearly impossible to escape, playing relentlessly on TV and social media outlets.

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teens and social media

Social Media & Millennials: Curse or Blessing?

Make no mistake: It’s hard being a young adult today, and social media has created new challenges for which many are unprepared.

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Substance Use Treatment Programs Are Available in Central Kentucky… Here, Now

Substance use is one of the most important public health and safety issues facing the Commonwealth. Over the past 10 years, the number of Kentuckians who have died from drug overdoses has steadily climbed.

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Helping Kids with Back-to-School Anxiety kids image

Helping Kids with Back-to-School Anxiety

With the arrival of August, summer vacation is winding down, and families are busy getting ready for the start of another school year. And while this can be a time filled with excitement and positive enthusiasm, it's also very commonly a time filled with trepidation about the upcoming year.

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Anxiety and panic disorders don’t have to rule your life

We all feel anxious from time to time … taking a test … waiting for a medical diagnosis … making a big decision. Anxiety is a normal part of life.

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Understanding Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Although there is much progress yet to be had, over the past 50 years, society has dramatically changed its view of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Today, we recognize both the right and ability of individuals with IDD to lead full and fulfilling lives.

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